Welcome to my site.  I’m a Professor of Law at Seton Hall University Law School, where I also serve as Director of the Gibbons Institute of Law, Science and Technology.  My legal scholarship focuses on cybersecurity and civil liberties in cyberspace, patent and antitrust law, copyrights and regulation of access to digital media, and other related issues.  I teach patent, copyright and other intellectual property law courses and seminars, as well as cybersecurity law.  In the general law school curriculum, I teach torts and professional responsibility.

I’m also interested in theology, religion and culture. I’ve led recent faith-and-culture initiatives at my Law School and am active as a writer and teacher outside the law school on these themes. I’m working, slowly but surely, on a doctorate in Philosophical Theology through the University of Nottingham.  My dissertation research centers on the theology of “law” in relation to Christian theological anthropology and contemporary neurobiological science.  A broad theme that interests me is what it means to be a flourishing, accountable, moral, worshiping agent in connection with what evolutionary biology and the neurosciences tell us about the “natural history” of the human species.  An even broader theme is what we really mean, in theological and philosophical terms, by words like “nature,” “law,” and “human.”  My theological work has been supported by the Center for Pastoral Science, which named me as its first Pastoral Science Scholar.

This site includes collections of my legal scholarship, course materials, and other writings, as well as a detailed professional biography and links to external resources.  Visit the “Pages” in the menu above for additional information.

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